Sunday, May 25, 2008

Emily= Official Adult

June 6th is my Graduation!! Hopefully I can hold out until then. That was a waste of 13 years. Right? HA! I'm onto bigger and WAY better things. For the next 6 months or so I plan on working my fanny off to get as much money as i can. After that, I will be moving to Utah (so random, I know) and attending Beauty School. I am excited to join into our little gang of hair dressers that we have going. I will be needing all of your healthy heads in the near future for my practicing
Thanks for all of your support!
Wish me luck!!


Shirley said...

love your picture, Emily, you're a beauty!!! Congratulations on making it through your 13 years - one day you may realize that was the easiest 13 years of your life! Now starts real life!!!!
Love, Grandma J

cheryl said...

Emmy-Lou who...
Congratulations! What's it like to be so beautiful and so awesome?
I'm so excited for you to graduate and start doing what you WANT to do.
Love ya,

Brock Family said...

always a smile and ready to laugh!
I love how you enjoy life--
congratulations! What an accomplishment! Get out your pen and a large book, Emily is ready to write a new chapter of the Amazing Emily story!!