Friday, June 13, 2008

Meeting Grady

June 7th. We finally got to meet Grady Tait Slesk in person. Eli met us at the door and handed him to me and said he was ours for the next 3 days. We (I) loved that!
I held him every chance I could. He has large blue eyes and is so alert when he is up and manages to make 100 funny faces as he drifts off to sleep. Life is sweet!
Here's a sampling of Grady:


Kristen said...

Those are great pictures. I love it. You guys are the cutest grandparents ever!!

Jessica said...

The picture of Billy and Grady is priceless. Seriously watching Eli with Grady when they came over and visited with us a few weeks ago was just heartwarming! Those two (Eli and Brittany) are taking it all in and not missing a thing. It is so awesome! He is cute Kiddo and I am sure he was so excited to meet the both of ya!

Allison said...

Super cute! You guys look WAY too young to be grandparents!

cheryl said...

Eli and Grady remind me of Billy and Eli. Sooo cute :)

Rachel and Chad said...

little grady is so sweet! congrats gramma and papa!


Rach and Chad Meynders