Saturday, December 18, 2010

discovering my inner Martha

This plan has been in my head for a couple of years and now it is becoming a reality.
We are re-doing our bed room and are anxious to see the final results which are still a few days/weeks away, but here is the progress to date.....
(Sorry, no 'before' pictures so just visualize ugly and outdated in your head)

Actually, I found a couple of pictures to use as 'before' pictures, so you don't have to trouble yourself with visualing. Here is ugly and out dated before your eyes.

Old bed and "window treatement"

original window trim

Current state..........

New Bed
New doors-trimmed but unpainted Windows decently trimmed and ready for public consumption
This is the schematic for the wall unit that will be built on the bed wall

Knock list still remaining:
wall unit installed
trim to be finished
bedding to be found/bought
shower curtain and rug for bathroom

Thursday, September 30, 2010

2010: Another Banner Year

Where it all began almost 30 years ago.
(notice Heath's face)
Vancouver BC at the Olympics

There have been many fun and rewarding experiences this year.
I am not a great photo documenting type person, but here is a representative
example of some of the best things in life.

The Five (so far) Grandkids.
5 wiggly kids + 100 photos = 1 usable shot
you can still see how amazing adorable they are!

Miss Elli Jae on her birthday.
about 10 minutes old.

Ellie and her family on her Blessing Day

Ellie and Harper-bound to be best of friends.

I just love this shot. Avery and Heath already best of friends.

Grady and Heath - here let me help ya

Eli and Grady came to see Tait and the Trojans in Yakima at the State Basketball championships. Trojans took 2nd. We were proud.

Good sport, Tait!

We take everyone and anyone who dares to the Oyster Dome. A 6 mile round trip kick your hynie hike. Come and join us!! Here we are with Ryan Walker and Eric and John Hoyt.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A random walk thru summer......

Trek (our 'family')

the "hill"

Tait with his 'family'

our 'wheels'

ma and pa slesk

beautiful Avery

Handsome Heath

Groovin' Grady (he is table dancing)

Six Sisters
Kristen! we never got a picture when you were here :(

Mt Baker beckons all who are brave enough to
join us

Picture time... rarely the attention of all 3

We got lucky

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grady takes Washington (and us) by storm!!

We were so happy that it worked out as it did. Eli and Brittany wanted to go to Hawaii. (who wouldn't?) Knowing, as I did, that you cannot fly from SLC to Hawaii direct, I asked, quite nicely, if they would fly thru Seattle and we would meet them when they flew in and take Grady for them (or was it really for us?--you decide) for a week. What a week we had. He was a joy to have. We find that when we have the little ones around we all smile all day long and look forward to getting together all the more to be amused, entertained and smiled at. He didn't disappoint. We got to read all the favorite old books (Spooky Old Tree, Little Critter) that Tait won't let us read to him anymore. :( We got to be greeted every morning and after every nap with excitement and a smile! We missed him even before we had to give him back.
Advice: Don't kill your kids before you get your reward :) they are the means of getting that reward. Being Grandparents is the greatest reward. WE LOVE THESE LITTLE CRITTERS and can't WAIT for MORE!! to come our way. (Take that as no small hint)

A boy and a dog. A bit tentative at first, but they grew on each other.

Always a smile.

Always a smile and a ball! Yes, he is hamming it up for the camera here.

The Takedown----I love how he is all in!
Might there be a future in wrestling? For Grady, I mean, Avery wasn't so thrilled.

Learning the skills.

Outdoor time with Avery.

The Classic Pose.
Basketball is his #1 passion right now.

We love you Grady and miss you.
See you soon.
Amma, Papa, Tait and Emily

Thursday, May 7, 2009


California here we came!

Uncle Tait and Heath hanging out.

Avery and Heath got reaquainted on Heath's turf.
They generally got on pretty well.
Best pics are on Katy and Natasha's blogs.

Don't you just love that smile?

I like the hand action in this picture. He looks like a real pro.
Banging on noisy metal things is right up his alley.

Heath and G-Pa just can't get enough of each other.
Billy has always sung the Primary 'Hello' song to Heath since
birth and Heath always responds with a big smile.

I say it every time....'those eyes...those
dark chocolate eyes.....'

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E,
our newest Mousketeer

Heath loves his daddy!

Isn't this picture great?

G-Pa and Heath had to be surgically separated when we left.
They are such buds!
We also got to spend time with Katy, Paul and Avery.
It was a great time to have a couple of the grandkids together.

Next blog.....Grady takes Washington by Storm!!