Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Claire Share

The Knoblich's were sweet enough to share Claire with us while they toiled away in Southern California at various theme parks.
We had a ball with her and of course couldn't resist thinking of it as a little stint in grandparent training (Aunt and Uncle training too)
I found that I had forgotten quite a lot after being out of the toddler stage for so long.
My house is not toddler proof as evidenced by the pen marks on the wall, the puzzle, left for convenience sake on the coffee table, all over the floor etc....
I also forgot that toddlers DON'T like to be left outside of a closed bathroom door. For such a little palm, it made quite a racket banging on the door.
The biggest eye-opener was going off to church as per usual with MY bag, with MY stuff in it and completely forgetting a diaper, wipes, toys and snack for Claire. ?? She survived on Cinnamon Altoids.
All's well that ends well.