Thursday, May 8, 2008


Tait (15) at a recent baseball game.
Tait is just finishing his Freshman year in HS this year.
He managed to do well in school as well as compete in football, basketball and baseball, but probably his most important accomplishment was passing his mother up in height and you all know what a feat that is!
He is such a sweet kid (almost always) with only a hint of the He has grown up and matured so much and is a delight to talk to and has deep insight for one so young.
He got his patriarchal blessing this year and was a excited to see that he will learn a foreign language in a foreign land.
He is so very excited to be an uncle and will be so good with his niece and nephews.
I just thought you might like a little glimpse into the person called Tait since we don't all see one another as often as we like.
He is a great kid!
We're pretty sure we will keep him.


Brittany Slesk said...

Yeah Tait! I agree, you are amazing and I love you! Your nephew will be very lucky to have such an awesome middle name after such an awesome person! Love ya!

cheryl said...

You have always been my favorite nephew. All of the others are losers.
There is something I want you to know, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart.....TAG! YOU'RE IT!!! (and have been for about 4 years now)
Love ya,