Monday, October 20, 2008

Oktoberfest 2008

Start with one clear, crisp Autumn day and nothing can go wrong!

We invited our wonderful family to join us at Slesk Acres (reservations accepted) for a day of Cider making, Greenhouse raising, face painting fun. The challenge was accepted by the very brave Knoblich, Brock, Anderson, Johannesen and Lewis families.

The guys dove into the greenhouse operation right away and made amazing progress throughout the afternoon. Thanks to their diligent work we now have a structure that is 3/4 of the way done.

Cider was being pressed as soon as we could get a strong arm to crank for us. Thanks Alan. He has one ripped bicept to be sure!

The kids set right to making sugar cookie creations, scary spiders and had face painting done by the very talented Miss Emily.

The sandbox turned out to be a favorite place for all the under 12's.

A field trip was undertaken to the Appel Farm (a dairy) and Boxx Berry Farm for a 'tractor' ride for the kids. (Missy, Allison, Karen and Mom all went with the kids on the field trip so they have all the pictures.)

Lastly, we made and feasted German Potato Salad and had Polish Dogs and, of course, gallons of freshly pressed apple cider.
Thanks for all who came and made it a success. I know I had a great time and hope you all did too. (Thanks, also, to Katy who took all the pictures for me)


Kristen said...

I wanna move to Washington. You guys have all the fun! All you have to do for a good time is get the family together. I have to resort to fairs and festivals and such and it's still not as fun. Also, I'm jealous that you guys have cold fall weather. 85 yesterday...just wrong!

Val Murphy said...

Oh man. That cider looks really really delicious...I might just drive up there for a drink!

Allison said...

Where there is cider, family and chicken southwest soup...I will be there. We plan on making it to Oktoberfest 2009!

Brittany Slesk said...

I just realized these pictures were on here! I SO wish that we could have been there. What a beautiful day. You guys always put together quite a party. I think we will have to try and come next year. Love you!