Thursday, August 2, 2007

City Mouse visits her Country Cousins

Taylor, along with Lauren and Parker came to visit us for a couple of days.
We wanted to show her a Slesk good time. So, off to Hovander Park to wave at the animals, climb towers and tractors and other fun things.
It's Blueberry Season! That means scones, and waffles and jam and fresh (free!) Blueberries til your skin turns blue. I had 3 very eager helpers.
We also managed some fun in the garden! Who knew it COULD be fun, right?
Thanks for coming and visiting with us Taylor. We hope you'll come again!


Allison said...

I want to come and have some slesk fun! That looks like it's too good to be true! I'd love to taste the blueberry scones too!

thehiltonfamily said...

What fun! Those are great pictures. I'm jealous!

cheryl said...

Reminds me of me and Dina!